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An organization dedicated to improving public health through quality research and capacity building in India and other low-middle income countries.

Our Core Values

The Healis Vision

Improving public health through quality research and capacity building.

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About Us

Healis is an organization committed to improving public health in India by addressing important public health questions and facilitating the translation of research findings into policies/programs at national level. To address Healis’ objective, problems that can be addressed by population-based epidemiological research are selected.

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Latest News

10 Nov. 2018
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Measuring progress from 1990 to 2017 and projecting attainment...

Efforts to establish the 2015 baseline and monitor early implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) highlight both great potential for and threats to improving health by 2030.

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15 Sep. 2018
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Global, regional, and national disability adjusted life years...

How long one lives, how many years of life are spent in good and poor health, and how the population's state of health and leading causes of disability change over time all have implications for policy

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25 Sep. 2018
The Great E-Cigarette Debate- 12th APACTS, 2018, Bali.

Session is presented by two opposing sides of e-cigarette consumption: 1. PRO E-Cigarette will Harm Public Health and should be Banned - Dr. Prakash Gupta, Healis Shekhsaria Institute for Public Health, India

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