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Healis provides organizational platform with the aim of advancing public health through innovative science and evidence-based policy recommendations. When we started, epidemiological public health research in the areas of non-communicable diseases and their risk factors in India was at a rather nascent stage. However, as time passed, by collaborating with different researchers and organizations in India and around the world, Healis has grown, in keeping with the public health needs of the society.

With multi-disciplinary research leveraging complementary strengths of various aspects of science, public health research is on an upswing. Developing countries in the world face a number of societal challenges when it comes to public health and it seems like an arduous task to come up with solutions when viewed from the perspective at an individual or institutional level.

The field of public health is inherently multidisciplinary. Therefore, Healis focuses their research interest on pressing public health issues in India like tobacco use, obesity, malnutrition, maternal health, occupational health, strengthening health surveillance system, communicable and non-communicable diseases and many others, thus advancing public health research for the benefit of the community. Healis provides a platform for global public health students and researchers to develop and test their innovative ideas along with the help of National and International partners. Healis as a research platform would help expand vistas in the field of public health in India and the world.