Voice of Tobacco Victims

The VoTV campaign provides a stage to victims (or immediate care giver) to tell what they want to tell. Patients are not ‘used,’ ‘displayed’ or ‘paraded’ for advancing tobacco control; rather they are empowered to say what they want to say.  The stage for a VoTV function is set up with the presence of policy makers, senior bureaucrats and media by tobacco control professionals associated with the campaign.

Evidence based tobacco control policy options are discussed by tobacco control professionals and suggested to patients by their doctors. A VoTV function is generally organized by a local partner in collaboration and technical know-how from the VoTV. In reporting the functions and its achievements, maximum credit is given to local collaborators.  In fact, many reports may have no mention of VoTV.  After the event, VoTV follow-up with policy makers including on promises made or assurances given and additional information required, if any towards advancing tobacco control.

Voice of Tobacco Victims (VoTV) is in collaboration with the Tata Memorial Hospital and Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids (CTFK) staff in India, with inputs from Healis staff an advocacy campaign by the victims of tobacco (mostly patients of mouth and throat cancers) to advance tobacco control policies.

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