Role of Genetic and Dietary factors in Breast Cancer Risk: Study of a population in demographic transition
This is a case-control study on 500 breast cancer study cases and 500 controls in Mumbai with the triparty collaboration between Arnold School of public Health, Tata Memorial Hospital and Healis – Sekhsaria Institute for Public Health.
The specific aims of this project are:

• Genotype 500 cases and 500 controls for 19 candidate single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) association with inflammation, carcinogen
metabolism and cell cycle/ DNA repair pathways
• Perform a case-control analysis to test the hypothesis that candidate SNPs are associated with increased BcCA risk and that subjects with
both poor (pro-inflammatory, high-fat) diets and candidate risk genotypes have even greater BrCA risks compared to subjects without a risk allele and with more healthy diets.

Current Status:

So far 1315 participants (including cases and controls) had been recruited. These include 690 BGSC-BGFC and 625 BGSN-BGFN, for which forms have been received, coded and analyzed at Healis. A manuscript examining PER3 VNTR, work-related factors, and chronotype as potential risk factors for BrCA among Indian women has been prepared.
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