Campaign for Strong and Effective Pictorial Warning
This project in collaboration with Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids (CTFK) The specific measurable objectives of the study were:-

• To investigate the effectiveness of the newer pictures, namely X- ray chest depicting lung cancer, scorpion depicting cancer accompanied
with the test message stating “Smoking Kills and “Tobacco causes cancer” in the country

• To find out whether stronger pictorial warnings have demonstrable public support
• Propose newer recommendations for more effective warning labels

Methodology :

A research agency for the market research was identified and was entrusted with research methods and tools designed and developed by Healis for the study.

Results :

The research results came at a very crucial time, when India is experiencing some changes in the pack warnings. The recently notified pictorial warnings by the MOHFW (of oral cancer), the research outcome out of this research is certainly going to act as a booster in bringing about strong and effective pictorial warnings on all tobacco products in India. Also the new warning has been delayed from implementation by six months. The results were disseminated to all the partner organizations (AFTC) working for tobacco control so as to generate support for advocacy for more strong and effective pictorial warning across the country.

Outcome :

A media conference was held in Mumbai to disseminate the results of the study. 22 different publication houses attended the press conference. Based on final result of the study, a poster presentation was done in the Asia Pacific Association for the Tobacco Control (APACT), Sydney Australia.
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