Advocacy Forum for Tobacco Control
This project was conducted in collaboration with The International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. During the year under report the project was completed. The outcome of the project is given below, in brief:

Policy, Media Advocacy & Media Mobilization

• Several press conferences, press releases and media interactions to achieve media coverage of important issues in tobacco control were
• 8 issues of “Tobacco Kills” magazine were published.
• Meetings with Government Officials such as State Health Ministry, Food and Drug Administration and Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation
were held.

Website Update

Website ( was developed, maintained and periodically updated.

Policy Focused Research and Development

• 14 Research Studies / Surveys were initiated and 1 report was compiled from previous surveys.
• Networking and alliance building activities were undertaken with other tobacco control organizations. Workshops and campaigning were also
organized for this purpose. National AFTC Networking Meet was organized by Healis in Mumbai from 23 – 25 June 2010. 70 individuals representing 51 member organizations of the AFTC attended this Meet. Major objective of the networking meet was to bring all the AFTC members under one roof. This was arranged in order to take a collective action for tobacco control, to develop strategies and a plan of action to tackle various issues arising in the implementation of tobacco control policies. Various organizations from throughout India as well as individuals working in different fields ranging from tobacco control advocacy to grassroots tobacco control activism came together on the same platform. This meeting was an important step towards in advancing advocacy and implementation of tobacco control policies in the country.
The project was completed in August / September 2010.
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