About the institute

The Healis Vision

Advancing public health through innovative science and evidence-based policy.

The Healis Mission

Conduct quality research in public health and carry forward its outcome for the benefit of the society.

The Healis Strategy

Public health in India is beset by a vast spectrum of problems. It is important to identify big problems and focus upon them. It is understood that a solution to a big problem will help in improving public health in substantive manner. For field research, problems that can be addressed by population-based epidemiological research are selected. Solution to a problem function as an evidence-base for formulating policies that advances public health. Even though the policies are evidence-based, they do not get promulgated easily, they require a considerable amount of advocacy effort with multiple stakeholders. When policies are promulgated, implementation should be automatic but it does not happen that way; it then requires a considerable amount of work with multiple agencies.

Surveillance systems are extremely important for accurate understanding of the problem. Involvement in cancer surveillance systems in form of population based and hospital based cancer registries and cancer atlas is encouraged. Another important surveillance system is GTSS (Global Tobacco Surveillance System).

Synthesis of global data is extremely important for overall evaluation of evidence and for drawing attention to a important but neglected issue.

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